Why do we ask “What’s your budget?”?

Why do we ask “what’s your budget”?

Why does our team at Kitchen and Bath 4U by Da Vinci Cabinetry ask, “What’s your budget?”.

In any remodeling project, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or even the whole house, we like to start by asking, “What’s your budget?”.

Knowing what your remodeling budget is, we can begin to design your project with that budget in mind. While implementing your vision of your kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling we must take into consideration the impact that your budget has on the project.

Through the estimating process we can offer suggestions that will work into your final plan but still be budget conscious. There are products that can be recommended for any size budget but it is important to know what that budget is up front.

Each segment of a remodel has different price points. For instance, granite or quartz will come in at least 5 different price points. For those who are price conscious, we would include a level one or two but with a higher budget we might suggest a level five.

The same goes for the cabinets, with good, better and best price points. It all depends on your budget.

Sometimes your remodeling budget will be determined by your lifestyle. Is this a home that you intend to keep or will you be selling in the near future? These are things to consider when determining your budget.

Your design specialist will be able to guide you through the remodeling process with your particular budget in mind so that you get the best value for your dollars spent. All this while making sure that your vision is achieved and you get your dream kitchen!