Why stainless steel appliances are taking over the appliance world

The kind of appliances you choose when remodeling your kitchen can have life altering effects on your daily life. That may be an integral reason why stainless steel appliances are becoming the most popular choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchens. Stainless steel appliances make your kitchen more functional and save you time and energy in the long run. Let the team of expert designers at Kitchen and Bath 4U help you choose the best appliances and surfaces for your remodel!

Boasts a long lifespan

These appliances have been implemented in commercial kitchens for decades. Why is this? Because stainless steel appliances boast the longest lifespan out of any appliances on the market. Stainless steel appliances are so strong and durable that they can withstand years and years of use and wear without showing any signs of damage.

These appliances do not fade or become discolored. They are also rust-proof and highly resistant to corrosion. Most stainless steel appliances are also stain-resistant! Making it perfect for homes with pets, kids, or simply for homeowners who get a lot of use out of their kitchen.

Easy to clean and maintain

Besides being able to foster a long life span, stainless steel appliances are also a good choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchen because they are easy to clean and maintain. Not only do they not absorb dirt but stainless steel appliances also resist smudges, fingerprints, and scuff marks. They can also be wiped down and sanitized easily.

Does not harbor germs and does not affect flavor of foods

A major benefit of these appliances is that they do not harbor germs. They are what is termed as non-porous, which basically means that their surface is not permeable to air, water, or other fluids. It also doesn’t change colors when wet. The stainless steel surfaces actually force bacteria out. The surface also resists bacteria and germs more effectively than wood or plastic surfaces. These facts make stainless steel appliances an attractive option for kids and pets.

Credits to: Yorktowne-Kitchen Cabinets

Fits into almost any style of design

These appliances are a great option for homeowners remodeling their kitchen because they can complement almost any kitchen or home design. What most homeowners don’t consider is that stainless steel can also be used as a countertop surface!

These appliances are taking over the industry because they are considered to be the most hygienic surfaces as well as beautiful! Fitting your home with a full set of these kitchen appliances may also raise its overall selling value! Let the team of expert designers at Kitchen and Bath 4U help you choose the best appliances for your remodel! Call us today at      (239) 390-1009 and schedule a consultation with one of our expert designers today!