Fully Licensed Residential Contracting Firm

At Kitchen and Bath 4U in Bonita Springs, Fl, we are a fully licensed residential contracting firm. What this means is that we are licensed to do any project big or small. We have a team of experts that specialize in everything from kitchen backsplash, kitchen flooring, tearing down walls, moving electrical, and anything in between! We know that by choosing to remodel your kitchen or bath it can be stressful, that is why our goal at Kitchen and Bath 4U is to make the remodeling process as easy and stress free as possible. We handle everything from time management, to the scheduling, to the ordering, to the installation-so that all you have to worry about, is you finished kitchen or bath project.

At Kitchen and Bath 4U, our team of expert kitchen and bath designers and kitchen and bath contractors want your remodeling process to go as seamlessly and stress free as possible. In order to prepare for your kitchen or bath remodel, we have put together some helpful tips in order to be better equipped for a remodel of this magnitude.

Your newly renovated kitchen or bath should reflect you and your familys needs. As we always say at Kitchen and Bath 4U, why remodel your kitchen if you are not going to make it better? Your newly renovated kitchen should accommodate your cooking needs, it should give you the space you need for entertaining guests, it should have plenty of storage, and the design and décor of the kitchen should complement your existing home. A lot of different factors go into a kitchen design. What we would recommend, is before stopping by our showroom, to set some goals for your kitchen space.

A good place to start is to think about why you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and what you want the end product to achieve. Think about the size of your kitchen or bathroom, where your plumbing and electrical is located-and are you willing to relocate it?, your lifestyle, your budget, and the style of your adjacent rooms.

Here are a Few Key Factors That Our Expert Kitchen & Bath Designers at Kitchen & Bath 4U want you to consider before coming to meet in our showroom.

The Square Footage:

In your kitchen or bathroom remodel, every inch of available space should be utilized. Builders grade kitchens tend to use stock, or as we call it-standard, framed construction cabinets. Which means that there is a lot of dead, unused space left over since they are not able to make the necessary size modifications.

The size of your kitchen will give a clear guide as to the design of the space. Consider these points-is your kitchen large enough for an island? Do you have enough counter space to fit a prep sink? Is it possible for you to squeeze in extra storage anywhere in the kitchen? For example, can you afford to add rollouts in your standard base cabinets? Or a pull out spice rack?

Are you open to adding more space in your kitchen or bath by tearing down or extending a wall? How much space can you REALLY add to your kitchen layout? Our kitchen and bath designers and remodelers are experts in guiding homeowners into making the right decision.

Your Existing Layout:

As we mentioned before, we are a full service residential contracting firm who specialize in kitchens and baths. What this means is that you do not have to feel force into your existing kitchen layout. We are able to tear down walls to extend your kitchen space, or make it more open, or, in some circumstances, we’ve even built walls to create a more divided kitchen or to create a galley kitchen design. It really just all depends on what you want to achieve in your space.

As fully licensed residential contractors, we can also move your existing windows and doors. On so many occasions, we have visited homes with gorgeous views, with no kitchen windows to see the view. They might be on the wrong wall, or nonexistent altogether. Keep in mind though, if you are on a strict budget, moving windows or doors might be out of your comfortable investment range and therefore you may have to cope with your existing window and door placement.

As you consider your kitchen layout, take some time to think about the following questions:

• What do you like about your current kitchen or bathroom?

• What items or features would you like to add to your kitchen or bathroom?

• Is there enough kitchen and bath cabinet storage or would you need more?

Although our kitchen and bath design experts are here to help, they cannot easily answer these questions for you-because they do not know you, your needs or your lifestyle. That is why we recommend taking some time to think about your kitchen and bath goals and exactly what you want to imagine in your new space.