5 Reasons Florida Residents Should Add an Outdoor Kitchen 

Living in Florida can be a year round vacation. Especially if you have spaces to entertain outside. An outdoor kitchen in Florida is regarded by most as entertaining luxury, but it doesn’t have to be pricey. Whether you envision a rustic outdoor pizza kitchen or a modern stainless steel bar area, the designers at Kitchens and Bath 4U can turn your vision into a reality. Here are just a few reasons why investing in one is a wise choice for Florida residents.

#1: Brings the Party Outside

Most people move down to Florida to experience a relaxed lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is being able to enjoy the outdoors and water with your friends and family! Why spend your time in a cramped kitchen space when you can bring the party outside?

More space around the grill allows guests to gather around the grill and converse with each other. As opposed to an indoors kitchen where there probably won’t be room for many guests to gather around the cook. Consider adding a portable grill to your outdoor kitchen – it can make all the difference when its storming!

An outdoor kitchen also provides an atmosphere that is hard to replicate indoors. Not only does the Florida sunshine make the atmosphere bright and sunny but other features of your home, like perhaps the views, create an atmosphere that is impossible to recreate indoors.

It aslso provides you with the perfect space to host your next party! Consider adding features like a built in kegerator or a wine cooler to enhance your guests’ experience!

#2: Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

For Florida residents, an outdoor kitchen yields the highest rate of return on investment when compared to any other outdoor project. Why? Because Floridians love to spend their time outdoors!

Consider a few simple facts before designing your outdoor kitchen in order to increase the return value even more! Choosing stainless steel appliances is the way to go when designing your outdoor kitchen because outdoor stainless steel appliances tend to grow with the seasons. That means that when there are temperature changes, the appliances won’t get worn or damaged. Stainless steel appliances are also easy to clean! Stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances are an investment that won’t really depreciate with use! You can use them year in and year out and still have a high return value on investment when you are ready to sell.

#3: An Outdoor Kitchen Can Save on Utility Bills

Cooking indoors in the hot Florida weather can result in a nightmare on your utility bill. When you are cooking, the temperature in your home rises. This spike in temperature causes your air condition to work overtime. This results in a very unpleasant spike in utility costs at the end of the month. An outdoor kitchen can alleviate some of these costs! By cooking outside, your air condition is not forced to run over time, therefore decreasing your utility bill.

When cooking in your indoor kitchen, your range hood is likely to be running as well. An outdoor kitchen rids of this need because the smells and smoke disappear into the air. Once again, saving you on utility costs.

#4: Brings the Smells Outside

Seafood is a commonly enjoyed pleasure for Florida residents. However, cooking these sea creatures can leave a gross smell in your kitchen for days on end. When cooking seafood and other odorous food in an outdoor kitchen, the smells are brought outside and therefore do not linger. Providing you with the satisfaction of a yummy meal without the smelly side effects.

#5: Expands Your Living Space

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of your living space. By bringing out the same themes, styles, and colors, you can extend your living room space outdoors. Instead of your family and guests being cramped in one indoor space, an outdoor kitchen can provide you with extra room for activities and great conversation.

By adding elements such as shade and warmth in your outdoor kitchen, the living space can by utilized year round.

Allow the kitchen and bath design experts at Kitchens and Bath 4U create an outdoor kitchen that will help you bring your party outside and expand your living space all while saving you money on your utility bill, ridding your home of gross smells, and increasing the resale value of your home. For further details visit us at https://kitchencabinets4you.com.