The Process at Kitchens & Bath 4U of Bonita Springs and Naples.

Our team at Kitchen and Bath 4U is excited to make your vision a reality! We treat you as the lead contractor with every project (no matter the scale) and consult you before making any decisions! Our team of design experts is here to help make your vision a reality! We'll help you see it and achieve it! Outlined below is the 8 step process that our team of design experts follows to complete your project in an efficient and timely manner. 

1.) After scheduling an initial appointment with Kitchen and Bath 4U, one of our design experts will contact you or set up a face to face consultation to discuss options for your remodel and obtain accurate dimensions of your space. 

2.) Establish a budget and come up with a price point you are comfortable with. 

3.) After you sign our Design Agreement (click here for more information), we will provide you with a full design with a computerized floor plan and 3D perspective drawings. 

4.) After the perspective drawings have been reviewed by you, the contractor, a face to face design consultation will be set up to confirm and finalize selections for the remodel. 

5.) Kitchen and Bath 4U will provide you with a design proposal outlining payment terms which will be reviewed. The project will not commence until this agreement has been approved. 

6.) The Kitchen and Bath 4U team will complete all material orders and work orders to complete your project in a timely fashion. A few days prior to your job start, a pre construction meeting will be set up with you and one of our designers. 

7.) Project installation will commence and you will be updated daily with progress. 

8.) Final punch list is completed and you get to enjoy your beautiful remodel!

Having a standardized, company-wide process our team of designers and contractors the complete your project in a timely manner (*time span of project may increase if changes are made from he original design and material selection).