We Strive To Make Our Process Different

Step 1: Budgeting and Selection Stage

As the premier kitchen remodeler in Bonita Springs, Florida, the first stage of our process begins by determining our customer’s budget. When a kitchen remodeler begins by determining a budget, they can suggest appropriate cabinetry for the customer to select from. The selection of the basic cabinetry style is critical to the overall look of the kitchen or bath and plays a large part in the final cost of the project. With Kitchen and Bath 4U as your kitchen and bath design and build firm in Bonita Springs, Florida, you will see that they care about your vision of the project and can guide you every step of the selection process. Our team will educate you on the features that will affect your budget and help you make the best choices for your project.

Step 2: Designing Stage

When you enter the design phase, it is important to know that Kitchen & Bath 4U is one of the most highly recognized kitchen and bath design and build firms in Bonita Springs, Florida. They have the expertise and knowledge that lets them design your project with the latest innovative ideas in the industry. With seminars and ongoing educational workshops, Kitchen & Bath 4U stays on top of all of the trends that are hitting the national market so they can put that knowledge to work giving you a design that will make your project exactly how you envision it. Plus, with good design work, it will be the “talk of the neighborhood”!

Step 3: Project Scheduling Stage

When it comes to project scheduling you’ll see why Kitchen & Bath 4U is known as the best kitchen remodeler in Bonita Springs, Florida. Are you tired of being kept in the dark when it comes to scheduling workers? You will be informed every step of the way. We keep YOUR schedule in mind when scheduling our plumbers, electricians, painters and installers. We do the juggling, not you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of by the best kitchen designers in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Step 4: Installation Stage

Here comes the fun part! Seeing all the ideas come together with the help of your kitchen and bath design and build firm in Bonita Springs, Florida. First comes the demolition. With the utmost care taken to protect your home from dust and debris, you’ll see the outdated elements leaving and the new and modern elements coming in. With careful coordination you’ll see plumbers, electricians, painters, tile workers and countertop installers coming in at just the right time. The parade is fun to watch with each craftsman lending their particular expertise to the total project. The transformation is magic!

Step 5: Punch Out List & Final Walkthrough Stage

At the final walk through with your kitchen remodeler in Bonita Springs, Florida you’ll get the chance to observe all the details of the finished project and note anything that needs to be addressed. (But, of course, everything will be perfect!) Your final payment is never due until you are thoroughly satisfied with the work on this “punch-out” list. And when the entire process is complete we’re sure you will name Kitchen & Bath 4U as the best kitchen designers in Bonita Springs, Florida.

How Is Our Process Different?

Kitchen & Bath 4 U is a small, family owned business that is known for its personal service. We pride ourselves in being in touch with our customers through all phases of their remodel.

First of all, listening. By hearing the customer’s ideas and budget, we can begin to develop a plan that will truly reflect their vision of their new remodel.

By educating the customer, we can be sure that the customer understands the quality of our products and we can select products that will put the project within their budget. It is important for the customer to understand the value that we represent.

We work with a small number of contractors. They are plumbers, painters, electricians and installers who we have confidence in their work. They are reliable and trustworthy, so we know exactly who will be going into your home. Many of our customers have us do the work while they are not home, knowing that they can give permission to enter their home without worrying about safety.

Throughout your remodeling process, you will have a project manager and a project coordinator who you will communicate with. No need to call a plumber, painter or electrician. We will do it all. It makes your project simple and easy.

So stop! Don’t call a plumber, painter, electrician or carpenter….just call Kitchen & Bath 4 U!

Check Out How Our Process Is Different Yourself!