Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a quicker way to bring your kitchen back to life. Kitchen cabinet refacing gives your kitchen a newly remodeled look in a fraction of the time it takes for a kitchen remodeling process. In just a few days, rather than weeks or even sometimes months, our team at Kitchen and Bath 4U in Bonita Springs, FL can help you transform your kitchen into an updated space suited to your kitchen style.

Our kitchen and bath experts are not only experienced in kitchen remodeling, but they are also experienced in cabinet refacing and refinishing. Some key indicators that you should choose refacing over replacing are as follows. If you are happy with your existing kitchen layout and just want to change up the façade of the kitchen cabinets. Also, if you are happy with the condition and construction of the kitchen cabinet boxes, but just want to update your kitchen cabinet door style and color, kitchen cabinet refacing is likely the best option.

Keep in mind however, that the majority of the cost in a kitchen remodel comes from the door. So much so, that refacing your kitchen as opposed to remodeling only saves you about 30% of the cost. However, it does save you a little bit of money, a lot of time, and a lot of the stress of a full kitchen remodel. And if your kitchen cabinet construction and kitchen layout already meets your needs, then why fix something that’s not broken?


Door Styles



Here at Kitchen and Bath 4U, we offer an extensive line of beautiful product lines that feature kitchen refacing doors that will not only fit your style and design vision but will also fit within your budget. We reface kitchen cabinets with premium grade, hand craft finished wood.

We make sure that our staff at Kitchen and Bath 4U is knowledgeable on all the current trends and installation process of a full and partial refacing. We train them on matching colors and styles as well as identifying integral parts to the kitchen refacing project so that they can better educate you, the homeowner, on what needs to be completed to make your kitchen vision into a reality.









The Kitchen & Bath 4U installer team is comprised of talented, local, insured professionals who have a passion for turning your kitchen dreams into a reality.

What to Expect During Your Refacing Project

Love Your Kitchen In Just Three Easy Steps!

Step 1:

In Showroom



When you are ready to start your kitchen refacing project, visit our showroom at 25241 Bernwood Dr. Unit 7, Bonita Springs, FL or call us at (239)887-5975 to schedule a complimentary consultation. A kitchen refacing consultation occurs in two separate meetings. At our initial kitchen consultation, we will go over your kitchen layout, talk about possible changes to the door styles and finishes, and pick out a kitchen door style and finish that you like. At our second portion of the step 1 process, we will present you with a kitchen refacing estimate. This price will likely be very accurate to your final price if no kitchen design element changes are made. If we both agree we are a good match for your kitchen refacing project, we will move onto step 2.

Step 2:




When you are ready to begin your kitchen refacing project, one of our contractors at Kitchen and Bath 4U will come out to your home, take measurements, and place the order for all the materials. Within 1 week, we will receive an acknowledgment with your delivery date and can go ahead and schedule your kitchen refacing project installers. At this time, our office staff at Kitchen and Bath 4U will complete any necessary paperwork for your homeowners association and get it all managed so you don’t have to stress!

Step 3:


and Finished


Within 3-5 business days after installation commences, our licensed and insured crew at Kitchen and Bath 4U will transform your kitchen by replacing the kitchen doors, the drawer fronts, and possibly the veneer and paneling to give your kitchen a brand new look! Your kitchen refacing installation includes tasks such as preparing the cabinets, removing and replacing drawer fronts, installing and refacing cabinet doors and potentially the kitchen cabinet frames.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Refacing your kitchen cabinets means that you replace your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts with all new kitchen door styles with a finish and style uniquely for you. During kitchen cabinet refacing, the structure of you kitchen cabinets will remain the same. However, they will be veneered with a high-quality material to provide the style and look you envision. Your new cabinet door styles and drawer fronts will match the veneer, transforming your kitchen and giving it a completely updated, brand new look. Don’t be stuck on the fact that your cabinet boxes have to stay the same, these too, can be upgraded.

There are many ways that we can upgrade your kitchen cabinet boxes even with kitchen refacing. There are so many different kitchen cabinet organizers that Kitchen and Bath 4U can install to make your kitchen more functional. From lazy Susan’s, to rollout cabinets for all your children’s snacks, to drawer organizers, there are so many different kitchen organizers and cabinet accessories that will make your kitchen refacing project really transform your kitchen. Your kitchen refacing project with Kitchen and Bath 4U in Bonita Springs, FL does not only include replacing he doors, drawer fronts, and veneers, but also can include anything from upgrading your kitchen cabinets by adding accessories, to adding a kitchen island, to replacing to countertops, to installing a kitchen backsplash and sinks to go with your newly refaced kitchen cabinets. Whether your style is classic , transitional, modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, or anything in between, Kitchen and Bath 4U offers the largest selections of kitchen door styles and finishes to make your kitchen vision a reality. We offer anything from maple doors, to hickory, to alder, to MDF, to acrylic kitchen doors.

The list of benefits in refacing your kitchen cabinets includes a shower project schedule, decreased costs, and less stress to deal with however, it does have some cons as well, which include being more limited in design selections and not being able to change your existing kitchen layout. Come speak to one of our design experts at Kitchen and Bath 4U to find out more about refacing your kitchen cabinets and other services we offer.