Kitchen Designer In Bonita Springs

Here at Kitchen and Bath 4U we are one of the best Kitchen Designers In Bonita Springs, Florida! We can help you design and build your dream kitchen and make your kitchen the most beautiful piece of your home. We offer multiple remodeling services to help your Kitchen be the best it can possibly be.

Here are just a few of the kitchen remodeling services we offer here at Kitchen and Bath 4U:

  • Full kitchen remodels: full kitchen remodels include everything from ripping out the flooring, to removing those outdated soffits, to rewiring the lighting, to painting the walls, to installing an all new, unique to you kitchen.
  • Kitchens cabinets: here at Kitchen and Bath 4U, we offer a cabinetry line to fit every need and budget. We offer everything from entry level, framed cabinet construction to semi-custom frameless cabinetry to elite inset kitchen cabinets.
  • Cabinetry painting: for cabinetry painting, we would remove all doors and hardware. Then paint the doors and boxes to match, then reinstall with new or existing hardware.
  • Kitchen refacing: cabinet refacing can mean one of two things; simply replacing the doors and drawer fronts to a modernized style, or completely refacing the kitchen which would entail replacing the edge banding and veneer as replacing the doors and drawers in order to create an entirely new look. This is a great option for homeowners whose kitchen cabinets are fairly new and in great shape, but the door design is not their style.
  • Kitchen cabinetry additions: many homeowners purchase homes with already completed kitchens-whether they were completed by previous homeowners or the builders, they may be lacking certain cabinets with certain functionality. Here at Kitchen and Bath 4U, we can order cabinets to match your kitchen style and to add those missing pieces to your kitchen.
  • Your Kitchens island: kitchen functionality is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. An free standing or custom kitchen island can be the perfect addition to a kitchen to add extra work space, extra space for entertainment, or extra storage space. An island can be the place that you entertain your guests, where your kids do their homework, and where you prep all your dinners.