At Kitchen & Bath 4 U, determining your style is the very first thing we look at when proposing the plans for your new kitchen. And there are as many styles as your imagination can come up with. But when it comes to determining your style, we only need to consider your personal preferences as well as the existing style of your home.


All kitchen styles can fit into one of three categories: Modern (Contemproary), Traditional or Transitional.


Modern by definition means “of the moment”. But as a kitchen style, the modern style at Kitchen & Baths 4U is identified by its sleek lines and a minimalist or contemporary look. The main emphasis will be on clean unbroken lines with simple door shapes and no ornate details. You’ll see straight lines and modern features that might include the use of stainless steel cabinetry, frosted glass cabinets and bold contemporary lighting. The modern kitchen is designed to keep clutter to a minimum.


Traditional kitchens typically include more decorative and detail features like moldings, appliques, corbels, and raised panel doors. Sometimes traditional kitchens may be more formal in nature as you’d find in colonial, old world and French country. Other traditional styles, such as coastal, rustic and country, may be more casual. You may also find Traditional kitchens will most likely use warm color wood species such as maple, cherry and oak that showcases the natural beauty of the wood cabinetry. Traditional cabinets may be finished with a wood stain or paint and many will use marble countertops or backsplashes.


The transitional kitchen at Kitchen & Bath 4 U is the most popular and easiest to create as it blends the traditional and contemporary styles. Many customers feel comfortable with this style as combines the best of both styles and gives you a comfortable, livable family space. Transitional combines the warmth and charm of Traditional along with the clean efficient lines of Modern. Just right for today’s busy lifestyles.

But what about all the other styles you’ve heard about? Let’s mention a few and talk about what makes them different while remembering that they are each a subset of one of the three major styles. What specific items would you add to each kitchen to obtain the look you want?

Country – The look of a country kitchen is warm and friendly. It will have furniture- like cabinetry with little or no frills. “With a Kitchen & Bath 4 U” country kitchen, you would likely find an eclectic mix of finishes that would help create a comfortable, lived-in look. You would also find a farmhouse table big enough for all the friends and family to gather and perhaps a butcher block counter to top off the country look.

French Country – A French Country kitchen will feature the look of timeworn cabinetry along with a romantic ambiance. Think of Provencal fabrics, rough hewn accessories and copper pots. The look will be soft, inviting and very comfortable.

Coastal – At Kitchen & Bath 4 U, the coastal look is the local favorite. With white Shaker cabinets and bright coastal colors of blue, green and sand, it’s a look that was made for Florida. You’ll find lots of wicker accessories to define the look and floors that are made to stand up to sand and wet feet.

Cottage – If you describe yourself as eclectic in style, then the cottage look is right for you. It will encompass simple style cabinetry (perhaps Shaker or farmhouse beadboard) with some glass front cabinets to display your offbeat art and collectibles. Whether the space is large or small, it will have a cozy feel with the use of warm colors used in a whimsical style.

Old World – Lots of solid wood finishes in intricate styles. You’ll see moldings of carved wood, corbels and maybe even some columns. The countertops will be Marble or Granite with Ogee or Bullnose edges and there will be crystal chandeliers for lighting. These kitchens look back to a time when European craftsmanship was king.

AND MANY MORE….. Just let your imagination and creative spirit be your guide. Kitchen & Bath 4 U can design a plan that perfectly suits your vision….no matter what that vision is!

Our team are experts on kitchen design styles!

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