Cabinet Refacing


Even though we here at Kitchen and Bath 4U specialize in full remodels we can also take on less pricey options, such as Cabinet Refacing! If you are generally pleased with your kitchens layout as well as the interior of the cabinets you may want to consider simply going with Cabinet Refacing. During this process we will replace your old outdated cabinet faces with a set of brand new ones. This option allows you to not break the bank but still have a brand new looking kitchen!

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Cabinet refacing is a quicker way to bring your kitchen back to life. Kitchen cabinet refacing gives your kitchen a newly remodeled look in a fraction of the time it takes for a kitchen remodeling process. In just a few days, rather than weeks or even sometimes months, our team at Kitchen and Bath 4U in Bonita Springs, FL can help you transform your kitchen into an updated space suited to your kitchen style. By clicking the button below you can learn a bit more about the refacing process. We hope you can see just how big a difference this can make to your kitchen.

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When you are ready to start your kitchen refacing project, visit our showroom at 25241 Bernwood Dr. Unit 7, Bonita Springs, FL or call us at (239)887-5975 to schedule a complimentary consultation. A kitchen refacing consultation occurs in two separate meetings. At our initial kitchen consultation, we will go over your kitchen layout, talk about possible changes to the door styles and finishes, and pick out a kitchen door style and finish that you like. At our second portion of the step 1 process, we will present you with a kitchen refacing estimate. This price will likely be very accurate to your final price if no kitchen design element changes are made.