Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

As a full service Bathroom Remodeling Contractor we can help you design and build your dream bathroom to make sure your home as spectacular as possible.

Although the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is the space that you wake up to. It is the space that determines what the rest of your day and mood will be. Your bath should be the space where you start your day relaxed and rejuvenated. Our team of design experts at Kitchen and Bath 4U take all of this into consideration when designing your space. From tranquil color schemes to cabinet accessories that make getting ready in the morning a breeze, we can help start your mornings the right way.

Whether it is a full bathroom remodel or just replacing a couple of doors on your vanity, our team of bathroom remodeling contractors are here to help. We offer bath remodeling services that include full blown remodels that including bathroom flooring, replacing the vanities, replacing the tub and shower, shower tile work, etc. to refacing, to installing stand alone vanities, and so much more!

There is nothing out Bathroom Remodeling Contractors cant do, from small projects to full blown bath remodels, our expertise includes:

  • Full Remodels: from ripping out the flooring, to the bathtub, to the shower, to installing custom vanities perfectly fit for the space, our team of experts at Kitchen and Bath 4U can help turn your washroom dreams into a reality. We provide every resource necessary to create a space unique for you, from the flooring, to the backsplashes, to the vanity accessories-we can help with it all!
  • Vanity Cabinetry Refacing: who says that you have to splurge a crazy amount of money on a remodel when all your space needs is to be refreshed? Our team here at Kitchen and Bath 4U can reface your existing vanity cabinets to look like new.
  • Stand Alone Vanities: if you have a small space, and/or a tight budget, a stand alone vanity might be your solution. These stock vanities can be custom created to come pre-made with a countertop, sink, and hardware, requiring no assembly and little to no installation.
  • Built In Vanities: for a space that gets a lot of use out of it, we recommend going with a built in bathroom vanity. The difference between a build in vanity and a stand alone, is the range of customization options available. We can make all your base cabinets into drawers, or create open shelving for towels and other knick knacks.
  • Shower Enclosures: along with a team of very talented Kitchen and Bath designers, we also have a team of extremely talented tile workers and glass specialists that can create a shower enclosure you can only dream about. From beautiful accent tiles, to shower that look like they are straight out of a rainforest, our team can do it all!
  • Vanity Countertops: vanity countertops can make such an immense difference on a space. We offer everything from quartz, to marble, to granite, to wood countertops to create the exact look you are going for in your bathroom.
  • Vanity Backsplashes: just like countertops, backsplashes can have a tremendous impact on the aesthetic design. Whether its a vanity to ceiling backsplash, or just an accent strip, it can have a huge effect on the finished product.
  • Bathroom Flooring: flooring has come such a long way in the last decade. Bathroom flooring went from strictly being boring tile to ceramic tile that looks like wood, tile that is made from marble, and even tile that is made from quartz to match your countertops.