Kitchen Update!

Five ways to update and brighten your kitchen… without breaking the bank.

Take stock of your current cabinets.

If they are in good condition but the doors look dated, you might want to consider refacing. That is where you replace just the doors, leaving the cabinet boxes intact. The cost will be less than replacing all the cabinets and your kitchen will have a whole new outlook.

Let the light shine! Lighting is very important in a kitchen.

By updating your lighting you can achieve a major difference in the look of your space. Consider adding undercabinet lights or perhaps decorative pendant lighting above your island. If there aren’t enough windows in your kitchen, adding a skylight will bring the warmth of natural light into the area and give you a sunny disposition.

Consider the jewelry.

We always say that “hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen” so go ahead, splurge on some new jewels. By updating the knobs and pulls on your cabinetry you’ll be surprised at the difference you’ll see in the overall look of your kitchen.

Redo your backsplash.

Nothing says update like a splash of color on your backsplash. There are so many interesting tile combinations to choose from that you’ll find it fun and easy to find something that will exactly suit your style. Whether you go with a basic subway tile, a shiny glass composite or a modern mosaic that incorporates some stainless steel, you’ll see your personality reflected in your choice.

Deep clean and declutter.

Yes, I said deep clean. How long has it been since your kitchen has had a really good cleaning? Sometimes the simplest answers are the best. So go ahead. Clean behind the refrigerator, turn on the self cleaning oven and reseal that granite counter. Now, get rid of all the clutter that has accumulated. Nothing but the essentials should be left. Continue by using the appropriate cleaning product on every available surface. Now, bring in some fresh flowers and stand back and look at your sparkling “new looking” kitchen!

Let us help you update your kitchen!

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